In commemoration of reaching 20,500 followers this morning, I’m posting pics of this 26 year old straight Army guy from Appleton, WI.

With a fat cock like that, I’d give up to him any time he fuckin wanted… here’s a prime example of a cock that will stretch you out and leave you sore for days!

Thank you all for re-following my blog and re-blogging my pics! You’re all wonderful! Here’s to 20,500 more… CHEERS!

lyricsnpride: donbenjamin support his new mixtape “High Fashion” he look good, but can also rap real good too

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David Henrie serves bulge on the Disney Channel

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As promised, here’s the remainder of the pics of the 24 year old straight, HUNG Army soldier currently stationed in South Korea.

There’s a total of 11 pictures in total, so I’m posting them in two different posts. I’m impressed at how fast his first pic set was re-blogged… keep it up!

Set 1 of 2

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Check out that delicious hot hairy hole and those two heavy balls. You know you just want to worship them. Unf!

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Me from my blog that got terminated

selfie ……….. message me or kik me nudeboys24

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